Saturday, October 31, 2009 does!

Okay everyone....PKD sucks.....if you think there's not much else to say about it, then you are mistaken.

It sucks to be in pain, it sucks to watch those you care most about live with chronic pain, it sucks to feel tired and ill all the time, it sucks to be saddled with a 'genetic' situation, it sucks to fear for your children's health and well being, it sucks to worry about passing along a tainted gene onto future generations, it sucks to be in the care of doctors who may know as much or even less than you do about your disease, it sucks to watch your waistline mysteriously expand, it sucks to have cyst bleeds, it sucks to have chronic kidney infections and/or kidney stones, it sucks to be unable to obtain life insurance or adequate health insurance, it sucks to be to be diagnosed with a disease that you have never heard of before, it sucks to find out you have a life-threatening disease for which there is no treatment or cure, it sucks to think that your kidneys may fail and you will either have to be tethered to a dialysis machine forever or receive a life saving kidney transplant, it sucks to know that there are not enough kidneys to help those needing one, it sucks to not know when your kidneys might fail, it sucks to live with the fact that your kidneys might fail when you're too old to receive a kidney transplant, it sucks to feel frustrated and helpless all the time, it sucks to not have major financial support for critically needed research.....

Yes, I think you have to sucks to have PKD.


  1. I tell you.. Im transplanted.. not to make you lose hope but id rather die than being alive. I had CKD all my life (19 years). Dont expect so much from transplants.. they suck too.

  2. I agree PKD does suck! My mom has it, I have it (both of us have had transplants), my cousin has it...her mom HAD it, our cousin HAD it...

    I pray things go well for you!

  3. Their pattern of malicious vindictiveness is troubling:::
    -The laptop, after enjoying having two to use
    -the homeiness of the apartment, reducded by planting bedbugs
    -the airmattress after observing sound sleep
    -The immobility of snowboarder's ankle, SEVEN YEARS after the fact, when I delighted in the walkability of San Francisco.
    Now you can add to the list::::
    The catheter. "It's a champ." Now it's failing.
    Question is are they reducing the flow to force replacement or are the gods getting in there with AI and accepting some culpability?
    They fucked up my fistula. Worked for two months then they made it fail.
    As if $5,000/week wasn't enough. This unnecessary procedure will cost taxpayers approximately $25,000 out of the general fund.
    Every patient in dialysis accross this country, billing the general fund at $5,000/week.

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