Saturday, October 31, 2009

A transplant story

Throughout the last few weeks, myself and many of other fellow PKD families have been following an amazing story of a wish come true for 8 yr old Quinn Roberts. Quinn and her brother Gage both have PKD and their mother Julia, is very active in the PKD Foundation and heads up the Atlanta Walk for PKD. Quinn's brother Gage has already had a kidney transplant so this is the second transplant this family has had to face in a matter of a couple of years!

Quinn received her transplant on her 8th birthday! Here she is with her kidney donor Cheryl, who is a very close family friend. It is an amazing story of courage...both for Quinn, her family and for Cheryl her donor. What other gift could you give a child that would give them life? What a selfless act all organ donors do when they decide to donate.

**************Warning....the next picture is a little graphic (medically graphic that is) those with quesy stomachs may want to scroll past it! **********
The kidney on top is Cheryl's healthy kidney and the one on the bottom is Quinn's dying kidney. All those lumps & bumps you see are the cysts, which overtake the healthy kidney and eventually causing kidney failure. Yes, PKD SUCKS!!
Here is a link to Quinn's incredible story that an Atlanta TV station followed from beginning to end. It's a wonderful piece and highlights the incredible story behind this transplant.
Please consider being an organ donor and put that little orange sticker on your driver's never know who's life you may someday save.
Happy Birthday Quinn! And thanks to the Roberts family for sharing their amazing story with the world!


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