Thursday, October 29, 2009

This Mom's thought process

Today I realized exactly how much we rely on routines, schedules & our calendars. Yep...I said calendars. Plural. I carry a planner that mirrors the calendar on the door at home. Not necessarily a bad thing, and it really helps. It started with a phone call from V this morning. V is in Driver's Ed right now and she called to tell me that she scheduled a drive for Saturday morning. No problem. I pulled the planner out of my purse to write it down and realized (in this order, mind you!!):
  1. M & I are both working that day--how are we going to get her there?
  2. K will be gone to her cousins' house for the weekend.
  3. I need to call her Aunt & Uncle to remind them of her medicine schedule. (PKD Study meds every morning & anti-seizure meds morning & night)
  4. I forgot to fill her pill case last night. Oops! I forgot to fill mine, too!
  5. Dang! I didn't put a new pain patch on after I got out of the shower....I sure hope I have some pain pills in my purse. (I do!)
  6. Dang! I forgot to take my meds this morning. Uh-oh!! Did K take hers?
  7. We haven't yet logged her BP's for the month. Better get that done tonight.

Once I realized that the possibility was there that K forgot her pills, I called her. Sure enough. She hadn't taken them with her to her Aunt's house this morning. What to do?? I called M for help and he said he could run home to get them for her. (Have I mentioned how much I love living in a small town where work, schools & home are less than 10 minutes apart?!?) Since her pill case wasn't filled, he called to ask what to do. "Where are her pills? Her case is empty."

To which I replied "With the other pills."

"What does she take in the morning?"

"A whole Pravastatin. A whole Lamictal. And half of a Lisinopril. The pill splitter is right there if you need it."

"Thanks. You need to fill this case tonight."

I didn't have the heart to ask him to grab my meds. I'll just take them when I get home. :o)

Just think....all of that came from V telling me about a scheduled drive. I wonder what else the day holds???? So, we're just a normal family, right? We just happen to have some extra issues to deal with. Every family has their "something". It's all in how you deal with it. Today made me realize that all members of our household need to know what meds are taken when and who takes what. There are many ways that PKD can rear its ugly head. I would hate to end up in the hospital with a major complication and not have M & V know what to do. Both for me and for K. I carry our medical info in my planner...but I don't have it written down at home. I guess this is something I just can't wait for. Just do it! FLYlady Control Journal, here I come. Sis, I hope you're happy!!


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